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From the Armchair Archivist webpage, click 'Join the Program'

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Click on the 'Sign Up' box, or click on 'Become a Transcriber"

Complete the Sign Up form to create an account

After you create your account, you will be directed to 'Results for Shelby County'
(If you are not directed to this page, you can search for the Shelby County Museum & Archives Collection)
Click on Shelby County Museum & Archives to see our full collection

Our collection includes Loose Court Records, Probate Collection, Deed Books, & Will Books.
Our current transcription project focuses on records that reference slaves living in Shelby County.
New records are added frequently, so check back often for new material to transcribe.

In the example below, 'Loose Court Records Referencing Enslaved People' has been chosen.  
The 'About' section provides further information as to the purpose of the program.
'Works' refers to items in the collection that are available to be transcribed.
A green icon indicates how much has currently been transcribed.

The example below, Thompson vs Ware Regarding the Sale of a Slave for the Repayment of a Debt, has already been transcribed. The digital image of the document appears on the left hand side, with the transcription on the right hand side.  On the bottom of the page are 'Transcription Conventions' that provide guidelines for the transcriber to follow and are unique to each collection.

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In the image below you will see a green Save button.  It is important that you save your work often.  Occassionally you will come across a blank page.  When you do, click on the 'Mark as Blank' button.  If you feel the page needs to be reviewed, please click the 'Needs Review' box, and a member of our staff will review the document.  

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At the bottom of each page is a section for notes and questions.  This box is monitored by our staff. 
You may also contact us by email or phone with any questions you have.

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Please watch this instructional video from the creators of FromThePage for more information.

Are you ready to be an Armchair Archivist?

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