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The Country Store at Shelby Iron Works Park

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Step into the charming Country Store at Shelby Iron Works Park and prepare to be delighted by the eclectic array of treasures awaiting discovery! Led by dedicated volunteers Bonnie Schrader and Paula Zabransky, the store is a testament to their years of experience and passion for curating unique finds. From near and far, they scour for goodies to fill the shelves, ensuring there's always something new to uncover. Among the store's highlights is its beloved Amish food collection.

Open on the first Saturday of each month during the pancake breakfast, as well as during the Made in the Shade Vendor Days and the Fall Festival in October, the store invites you to drop by and explore its charming offerings. Whether you're seeking a unique gift, a tasty treat, or simply a delightful browsing experience, a visit to the Country Store is always a rewarding adventure!

Shelby Iron Works Park

10268 County Road 42, Shelby, Alabama 35143

The park is open during daylight hours

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