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Shelby iron works now


The furnace ruins are a great place to visit.  We invite the public to explore the area, but we ask that you help us maintain the historical value by not removing or altering the ruins.  


The skeletal structure of the Shelby Chemical Plant sits near the old furnace remains.  A byproduct of the iron making process was used to make munitions during World War I.


The Shelby Iron Works Park is located in the town of Shelby, Alabama.  It is located on the site of the former Shelby Iron Company.  The beautifully maintained grounds and historic relics make this park popular among sightseers.


The museum provides insight into the history of the park and the town of Shelby.


Replicas of a one-room schoolhouse and farmhouse have been designed by park volunteers to provide an educational look at what life would have been like in the late 1800 and early 1900s.

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The Shelby Iron Works Park is perhaps best known for its pancake breakfast that is held on the first Saturday of each month.  What started as a simple fundraiser for the park has grown into a much-loved community tradition.  Many people have been attending the event for years, but due to its popularity, the event see continued growth.  


Watching the blacksmiths do their work is always one of the biggest draws.  They provided demonstrations during the festivals, and sometimes after each monthly pancake breakfast.


The process of making sorghum is demonstrated each year at the Fall Festival.  Volunteers work for several days to harvest the cane, press the juice, and cook the syrup.  The park believes in the importance of passing on these time-honored traditions.


The "Hot Iron in the Iron Park" spring car show draws vintage and antique cars from around the southeast.  The festival also features live music, great food and blacksmith demonstrations.  You can also shop in the country store or visit the museum, the school house or the farm house.


Everything from t-shirts to antiques can be purchased at the Country Store.


During the Fall Festival, a devoted group of skilled volunteers run the antique saw mill.


The Shelby Iron Works Park is fortunate to be a stopping-point for Santa Claus each holiday season.  The park is decorated in beautiful lights, and children can visit with Santa Claus.  They can also visit Santa's Workshop and see where all the toys are made.


The Fall Festival in October is the considered one of the best festivals in Shelby County. Vendors are on hand to sell their arts and crafts.  This family-friendly event features live music, great food, and demonstrations of old-time traditions, such as making sorghum syrup.

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