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Shelby County Museum & Archives

1854 Old Courthouse Circle  Columbiana, Alabama 35051 


Tuesday through Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Second Saturday of the Month 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Admission is free

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Just a short drive from Birmingham, the Shelby County Museum & Archives is located in the Old 1854 Courthouse in the charming town of Columbiana, AL.   Built in 1854, the Old Shelby County Court House is a distinctive example of Jeffersonian Architecture and was designated a historic landmark in 1974 by the National Register of Historic Places. Within the walls of the courthouse, a world of information and artifacts has been meticulously preserved.


Maintained by the Shelby County Historical Society, Inc., the building is also home to a highly respected archive containing research material such as books, microfilm and U.S. Federal Census Records from 1790. In addition to many old and rare books are histories of Shelby County families, communities, schools and churches. Shelby County, created February 7, 1818, is older than the state of Alabama. Our Shelby County newspapers date from 1866 to current. 


The Museum displays many old Shelby County photographs and artifacts from the Indian Era through WWII, including such items as the bell from the Alabama, a well-known railroad engine during its time. Visitors can also see the contents of the cornerstone from the 1906 Courthouse, which was opened in 2006.


Please come and visit the Shelby County Museum & Archives.  Its worth the drive, and admission is free!


The Old 1854 Courthouse in Columbiana, Alabama is the headquarters of the Shelby County Historical Society and home of the Shelby County Museum & Archives.

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