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Cawaco RC&D funding provides much-needed park equipment

Park volunteer Frank Hebert poses with the Shelby Iron Works new SCAG Tiger Cat II riding lawnmower

Thanks to the continued support of the Cawaco RC&D Council, the Shelby Iron Works Park was recently able to purchase a commercial grade riding lawnmower to assist with grounds maintenance.

Just in time for spring, when grass is ready to grow at full speed, the park purchased a SCAG Tiger Cat II Zero Turn riding lawnmower from Columbiana Tractor. Thanks to Cawaco, a portion of the purchase price was provided through a grant the council awarded to the park.

For years, the park has relied on the many wonderful volunteers to mow the grass, but the Covid-19 pandemic brought to light the need for the park to have its own equipment in order to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Jennifer Maier, Director of the Shelby Iron Works Park, said that park volunteers have always done their best to keep the park looking beautiful. "The park stills maintains a devoted group of volunteers, but many of them are older and unable to perform some of the physical labor needed." Maier said. "Volunteer help is still needed in many other ways, but we felt it was in the best interest of the park to acquire its own lawnmower. Now the volunteers can focus their attention on more enjoyable tasks at the park."

For years, the Cawaco RC&D Council has helped other non-profit organizations in Blount, Chilton, Shelby, Jefferson, and Walker counties. The Shelby Iron Works Park has been the recipient of many grant awards from Cawaco. The council's impact on the park has been vast, and we are forever grateful for its support.

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